Projects - Brunswick

Comprehensive Archaeological Identification Survey
Naval Air Station Brunswick
Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVAC), Mid-Atlantic
Date completed: September 2009 - July 2010

As part of the closure of Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB), Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) actions necessitated bringing the inventory of archaeological sites within the 1600-acre facility up to date. Towards that goal, the NE ARC as subconsultant to Southeastern Archaeology Research, Inc. (SEARCH) provided Section 106 and Section 110 cultural resource-related services to Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVAC), Mid-Atlantic. The survey required complex logistics related to working on an active military air base including access schedules, security clearances, permits etc, which were all coordinated by the NE ARC.

The Phase I survey field work was conducted in two separate field seasons, during which the crew of 10 to 12 members, excavated 1866 shovel tests across 73 Archaeologically Sensitive Areas, including 29 for Native American sensitivity and 44 for historical sensitivity. The survey resulted in the identification of 19 prehistoric archaeological sites and 16 historic sites.

The historic sites are represented by 19th century and perhaps earlier structural remnants, other features and associated artifacts, and include farmsteads, salt marsh dikes, family cemeteries and a school. Materials recovered from the prehistoric sites include pottery, modified and utilized lithic flakes, a projectile point fragment and rhyolite, chert and quartz debitage. Some of the sites were recorded on the basis of a single artifact while other sites were identified by several positive shovel tests and numerous artifacts. A majority of the Native American sites have the potential to be Paleoindian period in age, given the materials identified and the specific setting on sandy, well-drained landforms away from the main stems of rivers.

The Phase I survey at NASB indicates that a rich and varied Native American and Euroamerican history is represented archaeologically within the facility boundaries. The study represents an important step in the regulatory process related to base closure and is critical in establishing both a short and long-term plan for the management of archaeological cultural resources at NASB.

Report: Grindle, Jacob E., Jessica Stuart, Stephen R. Scharoun, James G. Gammon, Michael Brigham, Robert Bartone, N., and Ellen R. Cowie 2010 Comprehensive Archaeological Identification Survey at NAS Brunswick, Brunswick, Maine Contract N40085-08-D-2134 TO JN05. Report submitted to NAVFAC Mid Atlantic. Southeastern Archaeology Research, Inc and Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc., Gainesville and Farmington.


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