Projects - Otter Creek

Archaeological Phase IB Survey
Otter Creek Project Rutland and Addison Counties, Vermont

Client: Omya, Inc.
Date completed: July-December 2010

The NE ARC provided cultural resource services to Omya, Inc. related to the FERC relicensing of the Otter Creek Hydroelectric Project, FERC #2558. Three separate hydroelectric developments comprise the Otter Creek Project: Huntington Falls, Beldens, and Proctor, and combined include approximately 14.6 km (9.0 mi) of river impoundment located along the main stem of the Otter Creek in the towns of Weybridge, New Haven, Middlebury and Proctor.

Given that the Otter Creek is highly archaeologically sensitive, especially for prehistoric cultural resources, an initial Phase IA Archaeological Resource Assessment (ARA) conducted by the NE ARC team resulted in the definition of 35 archaeologically sensitive areas (ASAs) within the three developments. Subsequent Phase IB survey of these areas was carried out by the NE ARC during the 2010 field season. Survey was completed in 24 of the ASAs but due to landowner permission issues, all areas did not receive survey work although a substantial effort was made to contact landowners by the NE ARC and Omya. The study resulted identification of 12 newly defined sites including 11 Native American and one historic Euroamerican. Six possible sites were also identified based on the recovery of fire-cracked rock only.

All sites, exhibit evidence of shoreline erosion and/or potential adverse effect due to recreational activity. Thus it was the recommendation of the NE ARC, that archaeological phase II testing be conducted at all but one of the14 newly identified and confirmed sites in order to establish their eligibility status for the National Register of Historic Places and to access potential project effects to each.

Report: Gammon, James, Stephen R. Scharoun, Emily F. Isler, Robert N. Bartone and Ellen R. Cowie 2010 Archaeological Phase I Survey of the Vermont Marble Power Division of OMYA Inc. Otter Creek Project, FERC No. 2558, Rutland and Addison Counties, Vermont. Report submitted to OMYA Inc. Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc.


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