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Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation
General Archaeological Services

Client: Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation
Date completed: July 2011-Present
Contacts: Frank Spaulding, (802) 241-3660

The Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc. (NE ARC), through a current general contract with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR) is providing archaeological services to the Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation related to a project in Ricker Pond State Park, Groton, Orange County Vermont.

The project involves replacement of a water distribution system, sewage collection system upgrades and renovation to a cabin. NE ARC completed an Archaeological Resource Assessment (ARA) of the project to determine the potential for significant archaeological resources to be present within the area of potential effect of the project. The ARA included background research and field inspection and resulted in the delineation of seven archaeologically sensitive areas.

NE ARC subsequently conducted archaeological Phase I survey of each of the areas, which resulted in the identification of a single Native American archeological site which potentially dates to the Middle Archaic period, ca. 5500-4000 B.C. of Native American history for the region.

Based on currently available information the project has been redesigned to avoid adverse effect to much of the site. Portions of the site, however, may not be able to be avoided and NE ARC is currently working with Department of Forest Parks and Recreation to develop of a plan for limited archaeological phase II evaluation to determine the significance of the site in terms of the National and State Registers of Historic Places and to minimize impact to the site.


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